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Praise for Homosexuality and the Bible: Two Views

(Fortress Press, 2003; 127 pages)



Endorsements Inside Book



Homosexuality and the Bible is a timely contribution that should be read by all sides in the debate that threatens to divide all churches. I know of no other work that so clearly illumines the biblical issues at the heart of the controversy surrounding homosexuality.”—Stanley Hauerwas, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics, Duke Divinity School.


“This is an excellent contribution to a debate which is set to run and run in most parts of Christendom. I know of no finer presentation of all the main issues. The authors set out their cases and responses to one another with rigor and yet with an admirable absence of rancor. Be warned: this book may force you to change your mind!”—Graham Stanton, Lady Margaret’s Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge.


“With unmatched clarity, the two sides of the homosex debate are set forth. Persons who read this volume will make their decision ‘knowing the issues.’”—Charles H. Talbert, Distinguished Professor of Religion, Baylor University.


“This particular dialogue book should further the discussion of this important matter, as it lays out well the exegetical, hermeneutical, and personal issues involved and at stake. Highly recommended.”—Ben Witherington III, Professor of New Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary.


“Two esteemed New Testament scholars claim the Bible as ultimate authority for Christian faith and life, address the biblical witness regarding homosexuality, and come to strikingly different conclusions. How can this be? Issues of exegetical meaning and theological method are pivotal, and the interpretive choices confronting us are here clearly on display. Christian leaders and churches challenged by questions surrounding the voice and role of Scripture on same-sex relations will find in this dialogue an invaluable chart for navigating these confusing waters.”—Joel B. Green, Dean of the School of Theology and Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Asbury Theological Seminary.


“Here, in brief and eminently readable form, are presented two opposing views of the controversy that rages within our churches. Robert Gagnon’s brilliant and lucid condensation of his principle arguments should be a significant asset for clergy and laity alike, while Dan Via opens new vistas and challenges.”—Catherine Clark Kroeger, Associate Professor of Classical and Ministry Studies, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.


“This book presents a vigorous and illuminating debate about the implications of scripture for contemporary attitudes toward homosexuality. . . . I strongly recommend this book.”—James F. Childress, Hollingsworth Professor of Ethics, University of Virginia.


“Two adept spokespersons propound contrasting ways of listening to Scripture on the question of same-sex erotic relationships. . . . [This book provides] provocative material on both sides that begs for critical reflection.”—Robert L. Brawley, Albert G. McGaw Professor of New Testament, McCormick Theological Seminary.